March 4, 2023 The Legacy of the Notre Dame Baseball Jersey A Look

The Legacy of the Notre Dame Baseball Jersey: A Look Through History

The Legacy of the Notre Dame Baseball Jersey: A Look Through History

Baseball jerseys have become symbolic for their respective teams, institutions, and sometimes, even cities. The Notre Dame baseball jersey, for instance, is a piece of sportswear that symbolizes the rich history of the Fighting Irish baseball program. It is a garment that has seen its fair share of legends and heroes grace its fabric, and it is a piece of merchandise Notre Dame fans take pride in wearing. This article is a trip down memory lane, a journey through the history of the Notre Dame baseball jersey.

The Early Years: 1892 – 1919

The University of Notre Dame fielded its first baseball team in 1892, just ten years after the school’s inception. That year, the team wore wool flannel uniforms in navy blue with gold accents. The team’s signature “ND” was featured prominently on the front of the jersey. This design remained relatively unchanged throughout the early years of Notre Dame baseball. From 1910 to 1919, the team wore a white jersey with navy blue pinstripes and a navy blue “ND” logo.


Taking Inspiration from the Football Team: 1920 – 1931

In 1920, the Notre Dame baseball team took inspiration from the design of the Notre Dame football jerseys. The baseball team’s white jerseys now featured green striping and a green “ND” logo, echoing the football team’s iconic uniforms. This design remained the same until 1931 when the uniforms were revamped to reflect Notre Dame’s move towards more modern designs.


The Golden Era: 1932 – 1949

The ’30s and ’40s were a golden era for Notre Dame baseball. The team enjoyed considerable success, winning the National Championship in 1949. It was during this period that the Notre Dame baseball jersey underwent significant changes. The uniform was now predominantly white with green pinstripes and a green collar. The “ND” logo was moved to the left-hand side of the chest, and the player’s number was displayed prominently on the back.


The Modern Era: 1950 – Present

The Notre Dame baseball jersey received its most significant overhaul in 1950. Out were the pinstripes, and in was a plain white jersey with green lettering and numbering. The green collar remained, and the “ND” logo was rendered in green with gold accents. The jersey has seen minor modifications since then, with the most notable addition being the shamrock logo that appears on the sleeve.


FAQs about the Notre Dame Baseball Jersey

What does the “ND” logo on the Notre Dame baseball jersey stand for?

The “ND” stands for “Notre Dame,” the name of the university.

Can I buy a Notre Dame baseball jersey?

Yes, Notre Dame baseball jerseys are available for purchase through the campus bookstore and other licensed retailers.

What is the significance of the shamrock on the Notre Dame baseball jersey?

The shamrock has long been a symbol of Notre Dame and is an important part of the university’s iconography. Its inclusion on the baseball jersey is a nod to that tradition.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in Notre Dame baseball jersey history?

Some of the most memorable moments in Notre Dame baseball jersey history include the National Championship win in 1949 and Pat Connaughton’s selection in the 2014 Major League Baseball draft.


The Notre Dame baseball jersey is much more than just a piece of sportswear; it is a symbol of the university’s rich history and tradition. From the early days of wool flannel to the modern era of green and white, the Notre Dame baseball jersey has weathered the test of time, and it will continue to do so for generations to come. Whether you are a die-hard Fighting Irish fan or simply an admirer of college baseball history, the Notre Dame baseball jersey is a garment that deserves recognition and respect.